LSAF520T3 – LIFESMART Air Grill 10-in-1 Air Fryer and with Rotisserie


Here’s How You Can Cook Delicious Food For Your Family Or Friends! 
Looking for a high-capacity electric grill indoor, for outdoor grill quality cooking? 

Introducing The Lifesmart 500 Degree 10-In-1 Air Grill! 
Now you don’t have to settle for cooking appliances that smoke so much they set off your smoke alarm, small air fryer 4 qt grills or mini grill indoor air fryers that leave your food half-cooked. 

The Lifesmart air fry grill oven is finally here to make steak grilling, pizza baking or rotisserie the best part of your day. Here Are The Top Reasons Why Choose Our Air Fryer and Grill! 

 SAVE TIME & COOK HEALTHIER MEALS AT HOME with this high-end 1700W indoor grill, which utilizes far-infrared radiation for faster air frying, roasting, grilling, baking, dehydrating and rotisserie up to 500° Fahrenheit. 

 INNOVATIVE AIR FRYER WITH ECO-FRIENDLY GRILL GRATE: This state-of-the-art electric grill with the non-stick bamboo charcoal grill grate will prepare juicy steaks, ribs, burgers or crispy chicken wings in no time. 

 MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER IN THE KITCHEN: Our air fryer instant pot appliance has a digital panel with 8 preset modes, a large visible window, LED readout, timer and temp controls that take the fuss out of your cooking. 

 IMPRESS YOUR LOVED ONES WITH DELICIOUS MEALS: With a spacious 15.3-quart stainless steel interior, our indoor electric grill can accommodate family-sized food quantities – and keep your recipes warm until you serve them on the table! 

EVEN 360° HEATING FOR PERFECT COOKING: Unlike many kitchen appliances for cooking, which cause your steaks to stick on the grate, this high power smokeless grill circulates 105F to 500F air up to 500F, for all-around, healthy searing – with zero oil or fat. 

BEST INDOOR GRILL WITH ALL COOKING TOOLS INCLUDED: Equip your home kitchen with a great value countertop grill dehydrator that comes with all the accessories needed for your daily meal prep. 

EXTRA DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our electric indoor grill has a heavy-duty bamboo charcoal grill with 9H hardness titanium ceramic non-stick coating and a double-wall stainless steel oven. 

Need More Reasons?
✔Unique Eco-Friendly Bamboo Grate – Designed In The USA 
✔ Large Window, LED Readout, Timer, 8 Preset Menu Buttons, Thawing Function 
✔ Thermal Shock Safe, PTFE & PFOA Free 
✔ Ships Approximately: November 25th, 2020

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You can cook delicious, healthy food for your family or friends with the LIFESMART 10-in-1 Air Fry Grill with Rotisserie. All the benefits of an outdoor grill that fits perfectly on your kitchen counter and offers large capacity healthy cooking. A user friendly appliance, easy to use touch controls, easy to clean and easy to store. LIFESMART quality combined with versatility to meet the requests of even the most finnicky eaters to enjoy every last morsel. Choose from 12-preset cook methods which include grilling, air frying, baking, toasting, roasting, and so much more. Convection style heating for fast meal prep. Bamboo charcoal grill grate is ideal for searing meat and grilling the best steaks, burgers, chicken, even fish. There are 100’s of choices in the marketplace for Air Fryers and Air Ovens, but, there is only one choice for a 500° 10 in 1-Air Grill.

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