2000 Square Inch Precision Wood Pellet Grill

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The Lifesmart 2000 wood precision versatile 7-in-1 pellet grill allows you to smoke, grill, sear, roast, braise, dehydrate and bake your favorite meals. Fueled by hardwood pellets and controlled with a precision digital controller allows you to be low and slow smoke to hot and fast grilling. You will fire up deliciously consistent results every single time. Enjoying a restaurant-quality grill experience in the comfort of your backyard has never been easier. This product offers the convenience of a gas grill with the real flavor of a wood fire.  Our unique barrel design gives extra headspace between the grates for the ability to cook larger meats, including turkey, ribs, and chicken. This Lifesmart Pellet Grill has one of the largest cooking surface areas in the industry, with 2000 sq. inches and three grates included. For example, you can cook ribs on the bottom and bacon-wrapped corn on the cob on top. Precision Digital Temperature Control’s advanced technology has a dual-LED temperature display to monitor both internal food and chamber temperatures. It allows you to set the internal cooking temperature accurately within 1-degree and is adjustable in 5° increments. This will enable you to set and maintain the perfect temperature that ranges anywhere from 180° to 500°F. Every Lifesmart Wood Pellet Grill also features Grill Smart Technology. This system lights from the simple push of a steel flash igniter button, which guarantees an easy start-up every time and eliminates the need for harmful lighter fluid. Included are two digital meat probes that enable you to cook two different items to perfection—the extra-large 30lbs. Hopper allows for low, slow smoking and cooking all day. This grill features a front workstation to hold tools, sauces, etc. Included with this grill is a four-wheel locking cart with a storage shelf. The LifeSmart Pellet Grill is the all-inclusive piece of cooking equipment that you need to complete your outdoor living space

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Product features

  • 2000 sq. inch cooking surface with three included grill grates   
  • 7-in-1 pellet grill allows you to smoke, grill, sear, roast, braise, dehydrate and bake   
  • Unique barrel design allows for more interior height for large meats, including turkey, roasts, and beer can chicken  
  • Great for baking desserts and pizza  
  • Precision digital control for a temperature range of 180°F to 500°F in 5 increments   
  • Fueled by all-natural wood pellets with a 30lb. hopper   
  • Hopper top holds a platter or dish  
  • Cooking time from 6-hours to 30-hours on a hopper of wood pellets  
  • Includes drip bucket with a stainless steel hook  
  • Automatic shutdown feature  
  • Stainless firepot and steel cook chamber for durability  
  • Deluxe auger for consistent pellet delivery without jamming  
  • Smart digital temperature control-advanced grill   
  • Grill Smart Technology with a steel-flash ignition system for easy lighting   
  • Includes 2 Digital Meat Probes  
  • Durable high-temperature powder coated finish   
  • Features a front workstation to hold tools, sauces, etc.  
  • Includes a four-wheel locking cart with a storage shelf   
  • Chimney stack provides a more even cooking temperature   
  • Includes steel front and bottom shelf for your convenience   
  • 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty  
  • Holds up to 30 burgers, 12 chickens, 12 pork butts, 15 rib racks

Why Choose Lifesmart?  

  • PRECISION PELLET GRILL TECHNOLOGY: Includes a dual LED temperature display that allows you to set the internal cooking temperature accurately within 1-degree increments and is adjustable in 5° increments.  
  • VERSATILITY: Our 7-IN-1 pellet grill and griddle allow you to Smoke, Grill, Sear, Roast, Braise, Dehydrate, and Bake.  
  • EASE OF USE: Featuring Grill Smart Technology, it lights from the simple push of a steel flash igniter button for an easy start-up every time. Set the grill to your preferred temperature and let our product do the work for you.  
  • FLAVORFUL TASTE: The all-natural hardwood pellets give the real wood-fired flavor in the convenience of your own home.  
  • MOBILITY: Includes a four-wheel moveable cart for ease of use in any space. 

3 reviews for 2000 Square Inch Precision Wood Pellet Grill

  1. Hector Granados

    This Grill was so easy to use , I was able to grill the perfect burgers for my whole family . Definitely would recommend this product . The assembly was very easy to follow as well .

  2. Jasmine Smith

    You will definitely get your money’s worth with this pellet grill. It has plenty of space and works very well. This model also has the digital controller with probe, and it has the sawhorse-style legs that are sturdy and look good. In the month we’ve owned it, we’ve cooked burgers, venison sausage, salmon, pork loin, prime rib and rack of lamb on it. The food comes out tasty, evenly cooked compared to cooking over charcoal, and moist. It’s also very efficient in the consumption of pellets and produces a minimal amount of ash. It is heavy but very easy to assemble . I am very pleased with our purchase and feel that this model is a great value that will meet the needs of most families.

  3. Alice Torres

    I love the way this grill barbeques and smokes the food. It has a reliable degree of heat, and the meat comes out moist and fully cooked. I cannot recommend the Pellet grill enough .
    It is not too difficult to install, just keep track of which colored wire plugs into which. Works great!

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